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Howell Family Pumpkin Farm

2878 Holland Thorold
Fonthill, ON
L0S 1E6

“Since 1975 Howells has been dedicated to bringing to you all things pumpkin. They have the best selection of gourds in the Niagara region and a Pumpkin Eating Dinosaur, wagon rides, and of course all the unique pumpkin themed displays that people come from far and wide to see each year. Right from the start Howells has been receiving awards for their pioneer spirit in the area of Agra tourism.

Well it’s 34 years later and Howells has just received the Premiers Award For Innovation Excellence to recognize and foster innovation in the Agra-Food Industry in Ontario. “

Issue 1 of the Howells monthly newsletter.

Check out their website and go out and have a howling good time.


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